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David Tsvirinko

Hi! I'm David

Helping K-12 HR teams ditch 3-ring binders and excessive spreadsheets.

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Kind Words from Clients, Colleagues, and Fans

Client testimony

David is so talented and knowledgeable with all things related to technology and has been so helpful with developing solutions for our team. He listens to understand our needs and builds solutions with the highest level of efficiency in mind. I am so grateful for how far he has advanced our processes over the years!

– Janessa Scott

Client testimony

David has worked to develop and introduce unparalleled efficiencies within our HR Division.  He has developed and implemented countless user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration of technology within the realm of HR, saving countless hours of time.  His responsiveness to requests for assistance is top notch, responding promptly to troubleshooting any issues that arise.  It is without hesitation I recommend TruPeak Solutions for development of any Human Resources Technology needs.

– Tannon Pafford

Client testimony

David’s support took a cumbersome, multi- step, monthly process that pulled data from several places and merged it all into a professional and efficient format that I could email, with just a couple clicks. This process alone saved me several hours a month. And that was just on that one project! 

– Stace Villafafila

Client testimony

David’s support and guidance has been instrumental in the development of many of our program systems and technology needs. Whether it is a time-sensitive need or a plan for enhancing future systems, we’ve always been able to count on David for his resourcefulness and innovative thinking. He exudes professionalism and truly cares about those he serves.

– Rachel Miller

Client testimony

David is very approachable and available to answer any questions at any time. He is a passionate, polished, proficient and professional person that will never leave you disappointed.

– Laura Adkins

Client testimony

David has significantly contributed to our organization by developing applications that streamline processes, showcasing his dedication to enhancing efficiency and contributing to the overall success of our team.

– Chinda Xayarath

Client testimony

David has helped my team and I tremendously over the years. During Covid, we had to dramatically shift our approach to professional development. We were training hundreds of teachers in person and needed to find an effective and efficient manner to deliver our PL in an online setting. David helped us leverage various systems to create engaging, effective and interactive professional learning webinars. It completely transformed our department's ability to reach even a greater number of teachers throughout the state. We have completely enjoyed our ongoing collaboration with David!

– Mandeep Sahota-Sangha

Client testimony

David has been instrumental in creating and enhancing programs that have allowed us to streamline processes and bring better service to our employees, and retirees. His creation of a Retiree Billing software has enabled us to send monthly statements, track payments, track when a retiree becomes Medicare eligible, and has integrated it with an online payment system for retirees. We could not be more grateful and appreciative for this.

– Rhonda Lodridge

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About David

Hi! I’m David Tsvirinko and I have spent over a decade working for a California County Office of Education where I helped implement, support and design software systems that transformed HR services delivered to the organization. Today, I’m on a mission to empower K-12 HR teams to level up their business processes and deliver timely and error free services to the people of their organizations.

David Tsvirinko

I’ve taken business processes that required multiple spreadsheets and 3-ring binders; and built custom software solutions that eliminated paper and duplicate data entry. I have helped my team understand and implement 3rd-party software systems that streamlined their work and eliminated repetitive, mind-numbing tasks.

I would love to work with your team to get the most from the software systems you already use or build custom software solutions to eliminate monotony, human error; and instead, introduce efficiency, transparency, accountability and reclaim time for quality human interactions.


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