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Software Systems Showcase

Software systems shown here once were manual business processes involving multiple spreadsheets and even 3-ring binders.

Employee Contracts

Key Features:

- Central repository of data for employee position, salary and credentials

- Customizable contract letters that pull the employee’s position and salary data

- Automated annual step progression
- Automated calculation of years of service
- Automated calculation of longevity increment
- Ability to report on employee contract data over time

Retiree Benefits Billing

Key Features:

- Digital database of retiree benefits
- History of retiree benefit plan selections
- Automated monthly statement creation
- Automated annual benefit selection rollover
- Automated payment import for online payments

Summer Staffing

Key Features:

- Central place to track applicants for summer school programs
- Screen applicants and indicate eligibility to work summer school

- Facilitates applicant selection process for program leadership
- Prevents duplicate summer school assignments
- Automatically communicates assignments to Human Resources 
- Automatically informs applicants of summer school assignments

Exclusions Screening
Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 4.35.43 PM.png

Key Features:

- Screens employees against government databases for license exclusions

- Eliminates the need to manually look up each employee
- Generates compliance reports

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