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Kind Words form Clients, Colleagues, and Fans

Thanks everyone!

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David’s level of professionalism, patience, and knowledge is above and beyond. He's a creative problem-solver! David has been instrumental in assisting the Teacher Development department move forward with our technology needs and aspirations.

– Manjit Singh


David is incredible to work with. He addresses every single project with professionalism, attention to detail and kindness. No matter what the issue is, he always listens and takes detailed notes, and always comes up with a solution to the problem. He has created numerous systems for our HR department that make our day-to-day work so much faster and easier. Thanks to the software and systems created by David the work time spent on certain tasks has gone down from hours/days to minutes.

– Anush Dolukhanyan


David Tsvirinko delivers fast and precise data and technology solutions with extreme professionalism mixed in with kindness and care. I would not be able to put the trust to any other source, TruPeak Solutions is the only company that I would work with, with confidence, knowing David’s diligence to integrity and hard work for your data solutions’ needs.

– Susan Buchnoff


David has been a transformative asset to my role by helping me elevate my performance and by streamlining some of my tasks through ingenious platforms. David’s expertise has not only simplified my sometimes-complex process, but it has significantly enhanced my efficiency, allowing me to excel in my responsibilities and by giving our retiree’s a quicker response time. I am grateful for the innovative solutions, which have truly made my job easier and more rewarding.

– Rubianna Lopez


Because of David's innate ability to problem solve and assist with technology needs (of all levels), that others find easily frustrating, I bestowed upon him the title "Wicked Wizard!" David was always willing to lend assistance, but the defining thing about David is that he does so effortlessly, calm and above all with kindness.

– Jenniffer Rodriguez


David always has a smile, and no matter the complexity of an issue, stays collected and answers as many questions as you have. When he resolves an issue for you, he always makes sure to address any future issues you may have as well. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him as he has expanded my knowledge in so many areas.

– Brigid Nelson


When I arrived at FCSS, David provided valuable technical support that allowed for a smooth transition by accessing the necessary technology to conduct my job effectively. He has always been professional, knowledgeable, and approachable. Our team has relied on him for immediate and long-term success with streamlining of program documents, creative outputs such as webinars, and other technical support. Thank you! 

– Julisa Maldonado Vargas, Ed.D.


I am not computer savvy, but I know that I can always count on the expertise from David to help and get me back on track with my projects. He is very knowledgeable and is always willing to share tips on what to do when issues arise. Thank you, Daivd, for all your help!

– Maria Casas


David, I just wanted to let you know that you do an exceptional job in supporting our department. Especially when I have had to reach out to you for support with FileMaker Pro and the numerous questions related to computer software and programs. I’m glad that I have had the opportunity to work with you. I can’t thank you enough for providing a high level of personalization and responsiveness to my individual needs.

– Dora Olmos


David Tsvirinko’s innovation and creativity have been the solution to so many obstacles. Each time he’s offered a puzzle, he’s able to solve it in a unique and user-friendly way. He keeps his eye on efficiency and delivers each and every time.

– Delylah Macdonald


I am incredibly grateful for David's expertise, patience, and dedication. He has not only helped resolve many of my issues, but also empowered me with a better understanding of the technology involved. David is a tech wizard with a heart for helping others. Thank you, David, for turning a potential headache into a seamless solution.

– Alyss Cuiriz

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